About Us 

Our Vision

Incubate bright ideas, relevant technology, and strong intent in an environment that nurtures innovation and disruption of age-old practices, under the guidance of Subject Experts, Mentors, and Investors to implement profitable, sustainable, and scalable businesses that offer new viable solutions.

Our Mission

To contribute towards the task of nation-building under the aegis of the Startup India initiative of the Government, set up and operate an Incubator/Accelerator Hub for training early-stage Startup Teams and help them develop their Innovative and Disruptive ideas 

Our Focus Areas

Agro technology  I  Artificial Intelligence  I  Augmented Reality  I  Banking Reforms  I 

Blockchain Technology  I  Compliance Checks  I  Data Storage  I  Digital Verification  I  E-Commerce  I  Education  I  Employability  I   Environment  I  Food Processing  I  Governance  I  Health & Pharma  Insurance  I  Logistics  I  Media & Entertainment  I  Mobility  I  Nano Technology I  Ocular Identification  I  Renewable Energy  I  Robotics  I  Virtual Reality

Our Goals

To build an Innovation Hub, which focuses on creating awareness about the problems in the country, and encourage various stakeholders to collaborate in finding sustainable solutions in various sectors

Connect and attract talented Startup Teams into the Innovation Hub and expose them to best management practices and relevant funds for effective market entry, sustainable support, and growth.  

Attract and maintain a well-experienced panel of Advisors/Mentors/Investors to support new business ideas and models for successful implementation of innovative and disruptive ideas.

Motivate, hand-hold and inspire Startup Teams to become a dominant player and attain success in their area of operations.

Connect with Indian and Global Entrepreneurs/Companies, who have good ideas and products, which will help solve the difficult problems of the current times.


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