Frequently Asked Questions

How do we help Startups?

At Startup Incubator Hub, we embark on the journey of continuous mentoring until your company turns into an established market leader. We often come across bright talented would-be entrepreneurs. They have bright ideas but lack confidence, structure, and clarity to execute their ideas to create a successful business. Success is not limited to gaining initial funding, but also being able to structure your business model, the team, finances, and the Standard Operating Procedures to build strong foundations for exponential growth. We spend the necessary hours with you, under the guidance of Industry and Subject Experts,  to ensure you plan well and realistically. We expose the Startups to potential Investors, who shall be ready to help you fund your business ideas and be a lifeline for your company. Together, we strive to get a Minimum Viable Product and successful Proof of concept of your Startup business idea. We shall help you get the initial traction in the market and thereafter, prepare you for the stages of funding and continue to hand-hold you to write your success story.

How does Startup Incubator Hub charge the Startups for its services?

Once we help you secure your pre-seed fund, seed fund or series fund, we charge a Finder's Fee which is 5-8% of the funding raised along with 10-15% Advisor Equity in the Startup. The equity stake of the Investors will change as per your negotiation during the funding round with the Investors. During this journey, nominal subscription and charges will be paid by the Startup for the services and facilities used. At Startup Incubator Hub, we become a part of the Startups we work with, hence we actively work with the management team to ensure that the company goals are not only met, but exceeded.

Does Startup Incubator Hub support any and all Startups, or do you focus on specific areas?

So how does a Startup engage with Startup Incubator Hub?

Please share your Startup details here. We shall connect with you at the earliest and understand what you would like to achieve with your Startup business idea. We shall give our frank feedback on the points you can incorporate in your business idea, to ensure that it has a strong foundation for future funding and growth. Based on this interaction, both our teams can make a fair assessment and decide if working together can be mutually beneficial. In the likely case of an agreement, we shall invite you to sign a Mandate on the basis of our agreed terms and conditions for a working collaboration.

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