International Startups

We support promising International Startups to spread out their wings in India. In case of need, we can also connect them with local partners, to forge Joint Ventures.

Indian legal and regulatory systems can often prove to be very cumbersome for International Startups. 

We can represent such International Startups in India and support in registering the company and its relevant resources/associates in India. 


Our legal team can build a framework in which such International Startups can operate in India seamlessly. 


In case there is a need to assess the product/service fit in the Indian market, our marketing team can provide professional support for the same.

Often International Startups are keen to partner with like-minded local Indian Entrepreneurs / Startups / Companies as Joint venture partners, franchisees, dealers, stockists, etc. 


Our network and extended circle of influence can serve as a good starting point for the same. 

Our partners who focus on translation and language support services can be a big support and integral for effective communication between local and foreign teams.

We can also provide basic infrastructure support like shared office space, administrative services, and identifying suitable office/warehouse/factory/accommodation support.

International Startups can utilize our state-of-art prototyping and small batch production facilities for initial production lots and for market testing as well. 

Generally, the engagement spans from 3 to 12 months.


  • Conduct local Market Research and Idea Testing

  • Legal and Regulatory Framework Support

  • Identification of suitable Local Partners

  • Business Licenses and Registrations  

  • Setup of local Offices and Team              Accommodation

  • Access to the local Talent Pool for HR needs.

  • Access to expert local Prototyping, Production, and Warehouse facilities

  • Visa and Immigration Support  

  • Language Translation Support

  • Cultural Training