This is a 3 months program in which our experts will work with you on your idea.


We bring in our relevant Industry Experts to assess your idea and identify the levers which will drive the scalability, sustainability, and profitability of your business idea.

Next, our team will work with you on your Execution Plan, including your Business Plan, your Pitch to Angel Investors, and an action plan for building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Proof of Concept (POC).

At the end of the program, we will invite you to Pitch your Business idea to potential Investors

  • Creation of Legal Entity

  • Market Research and POC 

  • Pitch 


  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Build your MVP

  • Business Planning


Our Programs



This program generally takes up to 1 year.

Our Industry Experts will work together with your team taking advantage of our network, and expert resources to drive cost efficiencies and precision to build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). 

For your Proof of Concept (POC), our Industry Experts will help you get early traction and make your product/service more robust, modular, and scalable.

These Mentors will help you build a comprehensive Business Plan and imbibe the required Governance and Accounting norms as Standard Operating Procedures for your Startup. 

You can get an independent valuation of your Startup via our experts and use it as a baseline for your funding proposal. 

Towards the end of the program, we will give you the investors' perspective to help you prepare an effective Pitch for the funding of your Startup.


  • Access to  subject experts to improve product POC

  • Market testing and soft launch successfully

  • Achieve Initial Market Traction

  • Review and update Business Plan 

  • Industry connect to support/revalidate product and market

  • Budgeting, forecasts, and governance

  • Pitch Training  

  • Creation of investor pitch




This program can take up to 1 to 2 years.

90% of Startups fail to accelerate after seed funding and they are caught on the wrong side of the competition with unrealistic expectations of the Founders/Investors. 


Failure to hire the right operational team, poor decision making, financial mismanagement, governance issues, or failing to win the trust of the customer are some issues that hold back Startups.

This is where we help the Startups in getting clarity on what and where the focus and energies should be directed.


We bring in our Industry and Subject Experts to help the Startup by providing one-on-one coaching of the Founders/Promoters to help them re-orient their business towards a scalable and profitable model.


An Industry and Subject Expert, who has experience with companies in the same field will be assigned as a Mentor.

Once, the customer engagement, financial matrices, and strategic footprint of the Startup are set in the right direction, we help the Startup to prepare for a series funding Pitch.

On completion of the program, we introduce the Startup to our pool of Investors and support the Startup to Pitch its proposal effectively.



  • Sales and Marketing Growth Planning

  • Adoption of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Business Planning

  • Human Resources Support

  • Logistic and Supply Chain Support 

  • Correct assessment of Competitive Challenges

  • Effective Utilization of Resources

  • Administrative Support 

  • Technical Feasibility and Support

  • Precise and Successful Pitching