Our Teams


Varun Aggarwal - Startup incubator hub.j

Varun Aggarwal

  • Startup incubator hub - Founder

Varun, a Commerce Honours Graduate from SRCC, Delhi is a seasoned Entrepreneur with more than 45 years of creating and managing various large business verticals: Food Processing Industry, Travel & Hospitality, International Trade, E-Commerce, and Real Estate. He  is well connected with dynamic Investor Pools and Venture Capital firms and has been actively advising and supporting Startups for over a decade


Parikshit Roy Chowdhury

  • Startup incubator hub - Founder

Parikshit has built and managed tech-enabled businesses over the last 20 years in India, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Germany, and Brazil. Currently, he is connected with 4 Tech Startups in India. He brings his rich experience in Retail, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Governance, Data Analytics and Deep Tech. He has a good network and understanding of the Global Startup Ecosystem.

Our Core Team

Incubator Team
  • Collect Outcome Data 

  • Provide pre-and-post Incubation Services

  • Conduct Reviews of Performance, Training, and Fund-Raising.

  • Cultivate Industry Affiliations

  • Market Programs of the Incubator

  • Develop Entry and Exit criteria for the Incubator

Service Providers
  • Attorneys: Legal Agreements and Issues, Trademarks, Patents 

  • Designers: Smart UI, UX and Product Design

  • Financial Advisors: Accounting, Auditing, Tax Planning 

  • HR Professionals: Recruitment, Retention, Employee Benefits

  • Growth Hackers: Customer Acquisition, Virality, Funnels

  • PR Experts: Press, Visibility, Story Development

  • Marketing Experts: Branding, Sales Pitching

Panel of Advisors
  • Industry Experts

  • Intellectual Property Experts

  • Accountants

  • Legal Support

  • Government agency

  • College and University Alumnae

  • Angel Investors

  • Seed Funding Investors 

  • Individual Investors

  • Venture Capital Investors

  • Industry Focused Investors

  • International Investors